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November 2, 2009

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  • It looks like something out of a sailor's nightmare, the man said. Maybe, but I'll have to give it to Vernon first. Mad he probably was, obsessed definitely, but Kane had difficulty casting him into the role of an en-emy. In case the new design, the new phenotype is a bust, Dicken said, nodding agreement. The girl slipped down a bit, her bosom getting squeezed.
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  • Far away from the asteroid base--far away from any ship that might have been en route there to rescue him. He was on a first-name basis with the tavern keeper, all the serving wenches, and most of the regulars, as well. They stood face-to-face, neither seeing the other very well in the blinding glare, and neither able to break the tense silence. I must leave you, she said, with the quaintest of English pronunciation. He was staring at her, eyes wide with surprise, but even as Wynn watched, the shuttered, blank expression closed down over his features again.
  • From his vantage point, he could see men of the Graziunas running towards him, shouting and pointing. Alvarez Mendazo, and that he brought dispatches for the vice admiral. However, I took particular care that my man did not get home; but, on the other hand, I fear that I did not do him much harm either. Marsha went over to the fallen egg and yelled in the doorway. His loose lips flapped once as a retort rose and died, unspoken. Rising out of the hole in the floor, the irregularly pulsing orange light was slightly brighter than it had been earlier.

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    May 8, 2009

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  • The records implied that Zinder believed that to be the answer to the Markovian riddle. The General, toying witha small cigar of her own but not lighting it, managed a smile. She heard movement in the elevator hall, and Chiddy and Vess came in, escorting ten of the tall, angular Inkleozese. The disturbances we had seen consisted of some big, old crevasses, which were partly filled up; we avoided them easily. If you stay at the State Department, you will spend the war performing legal functions that your superiors feel are unimportant enough to be handled by a woman- If you complain, you will be told that is the sacrifice you must make for the war effort. I knew Chade would keep his word, but could Hap hold up his end of the bargain?
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    July 16, 2008

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  • Cashel turned slightly so that he could see her without losing sight of the wreck. She'd have to make an appointment to see Dr. Lou Coltrain. The last split a head-sized rock, placed above the man-shaped target, in two. God decided to keep the human race off balance, so he gave us a multitude of languages to keep us from communicating clearly with one another (11:7). The new state would be entitled to two senators, who would be chosen by the legislature, since it was felt that the general public was not qualified to vote directly for such an august position, and one congressman; seeing that he was of a lower order, the public would be permitted to vote for him directly. Another wave of rockets flies downhill toward the mass of Freetown troops.
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