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November 2, 2009

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  • Thy poultice, Lady Polgara, may not suffice to save his life. None were afraid to speak their mind, and none took a slight away from the table if their opinion ran contrary to the consensus or the decision of the President. I ignored an arsenal's worth of death-looks as I limped to the alleged bar. This put it very close to the tiny star's surface. She is an unpleasant woman, who seems to think of little besides herself, with few friends and no real talents. Undaunted, he'd made his own valuable contribution by devising a system of self-defense training unequaled for its precision.
  • On the screen, the alien ship was no longer simply a dot, and the relatively primitive nature of the ship was becoming ever more apparent. You had anything you wanted, but you always tell me to wait. He did not doubt the accuracy of the young mountaineer's eyesight, or his coolness, and he resolved that he would not go back to headquarters until he knew more about that shadow.
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    May 8, 2009

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    I have discussed this matter with Jedson, and he agrees with me that the difficulty is insuperable, yet some things may be said with a partial element of truth - truth of a sort, with respect to how the Half World impinged on me. Rand, she said firmly, you can't be sure it will have any effect, just because it did on Harine. I wanted to take her breasts in my hands and suckle them slowly, arousing her, making her moist and fragrant for me and making her head fall back. While every sweet accent increased rather than lightened Lorenzo's grief, She continued to converse with him till the moment of dissolution. It was then that Piemur realized his coverall, none too clean in the light, was still visible in the shadows, so he slunk past the opening into the kitchen court. You'd be playing it safe, assuming that the data we'd be getting in these last few weeks would have any value at all.

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  • July 16, 2008

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    As he spoke, Bestesbulzibar slowly began to circle the fire, and Juraviel moved as well, keeping the embers between him and the demon -- though when he thought about it, the elf realized that the flames, were they blazing high, would prove no barrier at all to the creature of the fiery pits of the underworld. Yes, I had to speak to you, he said, swiftly. You get in enough trouble in clean-cut crowds without my taking you into a crap game.

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    June 10, 2008

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  • December 5, 2007

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    A few more pictures of Miriany and Jo Garcia:

    November 19, 2007

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